Rio de Janeiro, 17 of august of 2007
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  Volunteers with disabilities overcome limits and succeed in Rio 2007  
Iona liked Parapan so much that she intends to be volunteer in Guadalajara 2011. Moraes is already missing the Games

The overcoming is one of the feelings that move the Parapan athletes. But they are not restrict to the sports competitions. A group of 50 volunteers with physical, mental, and motor disabilities is showing efficiency and enthusiasm supporting Rio 2007. They are in the competitions’ locations gates, in the control places and helping athletes and journalists in the village.

Iona Bocikis, from Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most excited ones. Twenty years ago a car accident put an end in her desire to become an International Right lawyer. Her bottom members were compromised and she had problems with her speech and vision. After a long  treatment, she recovered part of the reflexes, and can speak almost with no difficulties. But her healthy status might show a great improvement after the Games. "Working in Pan and Parapan was a therapy for me. I had a great chance to help people and to help myself too. I liked so much that now I think about working with events”, says Iona, who worked in the protocol area of the village.

Her colleague from Sao Paulo, Danilo Moreira de Moraes, 21 years old, is visual disabled and was invited by a friend to work in Parapan. He was enrolled in the volunteers program one day before the opening ceremony. And already misses the competition. “It is fantastic. The Games were important to provide visibility for the disabled and also to give a unique opportunity to get in touch with different cultures”, says Danilo, who worked with journalists support and communication vehicles in the village.


Brazil is close to finish in first place and make History

Three days before the end of Rio 2007 Games, the Brazilian delegation has good reasons to believe in a historic mark: finishing Parapan in the first place. The country, which is leader in the medal ranking since the first day, got to the beginning of the evening on Thursday, 16, with 132 medals (45 gold, 41 silver and 46 bronze), almost the double of Canada, second place at that time. The Bolsa-Atleta members, a Sports Department program that pays monthly salaries for athletes well ranked but with no sponsorship, keep contributing for the excellent result. Amongst the successful members are the wheelchair table tennis pair Carlos Alberto Santos and Maurício Pommê, the judoka Karla Cardoso (all Paraolympic R$ 2.500)  and the runner Edson Pinheiro (national; R$ 750), from one of the 100m freestyle divisions. They all got the gold medal.

The judoka Karla Cardoso was another Bolsa-Atleta member to win a gold medal in the same day Brazil was settled as the first place


Efficient public politics generate positive results in Parapan 

Brazil is first place in the overall Parapan ranking, followed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Which would be the factors to put the country before well structured countries and even of a super potency? We can say that here there are efficient public politics and a unique and public system  that offers treatment, rehab, and make the access to services available. Besides, the families include the disabled people instead of hiding them from the society look. Brazilian people has a helpful nature. This makes athletes as the swimmers Daniel Dias and Clodoaldo Silva, for example, break subsequent records. With 60 members, the Brazilian swimming team is the largest of these Games. The modality was one of the most developed in the last years, passing from the 10th place in Mar del Plata (Argentina) World Championship, in 2002, to the 5th in Durban (South Africa) four years later. In this edition of Parapan, all sports modalities competing are part of a ranking system for Beijing Para-Olympic Games in 2008.

Silva Jr. remarks “beauty and dynamism” in Brazilian volleyball in the Games


The effort and life lessons from sitting volleyball players were recognized by the Minister and the ex-athlete Jacqueline

In the face of a vibrant audience that has almost crowded Riocentro 3B pavilion bleachers, in Jacarepagua, west area of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian sitting volleyball team won Canada from 3x0  (25/14, 25/23 and 25/19). On Friday, 17, Brazil will dispute against the United States the gold medal and the ranking to participate in Beijing Para-Olympic Games in 2008. The team  is only four years old, but was vice-champion in the last Games, in 2003. The coach is Amaury Veríssimo, star of the Silver Generation in the eighties, which includes Bernard Rajzman, the creator of Journey to the Stars service, and Bernardinho, currently the coach of Brazilian team. “It was a beautiful and dynamic game. The audience was motivated and the game showed that the modality can become more important in Brazil, which, besides being the country of soccer, is also the volleyball country”, analyzed the Sport Minister, Orlando Silva Jr.

Three players of the team are members of Bolsa-Atleta, the Sports Department program that offers monthly salaries to well ranked athletes but with no sponsorship. The Minister watched the Games beside Carlos Arthur Nuzmann, president of Brazilian Olympic Committee and Parapan Organizing Committee, and Bernard and Jaqueline Silva, beach volleyball gold medal in Atlanta Olympic Games, 1996. The semi-final was also followed by Sao Paulo Sport Secretary, Walter Feldmann. “The example of these athletes motivates us”, summarizes Jaqueline. “In Parapan, we go back home feeling the true spirit of sport, opened to all people, and in the audience, always gentle and polite, regardless of the nationality. I am impressed. It is a lesson”, concludes the player.


CNE chooses the names for sport encouragement law commission


The council, leaded by Silva Jr. (center), has set the three first names for the commission which will analyze sports projects

The Sport National Council (CNE), a deliberative body of Sports Department, with 22 members from different entities and with the Department president, Orlando Silva Jr., got together yesterday in Rio de Janeiro. They have discussed the nomination of three counselors to the technical commission that will approve projects to be benefited with fiscal encouragement law, according to the criteria established in law and decree.  Lars Grael, Ariovaldo Boscolo and Ataíde Guerreiro were the three chosen by the Council, which will have Humberto Panzetti, Ricardo Gomide and Alberto Saraiva as first, second and third substitutes. They will gather other three people to be chosen but the Minister next week. “Today we made an important decision, because without this commission we would risk not being able to fundraise for 2008”, said Wadson Ribeiro,
Sports Department Executive Secretary, explaining that the impact of these resources in the Department will be relevant to strengthen and widen the Brazilian sport. The nominates, which will start to work the next weeks, will have as first task to detail the work and operation of this commission before December, when there will be a new election. “The fiscal encouragement law will enable the sponsorship of national sport by private initiative. I believe this commission will be an opportunity for us, counselors, to work more efficiently. I hope I can contribute as a sport lover”, said Boscolo, president of Clubs Brazilian Confederation.

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